What is a major structural repair?

Please go to CONTAINER HOUSING Some house problems are obvious from the start, for example, you know you are in trouble when untreated sewage starts to accumulate in the basement shower. However, other problems are not so obvious. They sneak up on you, quietly wreaking havoc in your home while you remain blissfully unconscious. The best time to address any problem is when it is still small, so the longer a problem remains hidden in the house, the more likely it is to end up with costly repair bills.

Watch for these 15 easy-to-miss signs that could indicate a big problem in the future if you don't act quickly. Some of the most common types of structural repair work in old houses include the repair of foundations, the replacement of wooden supports that have been deformed or damaged by dry rot, and the repair of old masonry. Homeowners perform structural remodeling to maintain the structural integrity of their home or to improve some other aspect. The articles found in this section, address almost all types of structural construction of light commercial buildings %26 residential, inspection, diagnosis %26 repair topics, such as foundation damage, tilt, buckling, bowing and cracking, FRT plywood failures, chimney inspections %26 safety concerns, causes and cures rot, mold, %26 termites in buildings, sinks on construction sites, falling from stairs and rails %26 trip hazards, %26 also special inspection methods for mobile homes.

Incorrect steps can make your home vulnerable to damage; however, the right structural changes can improve the strength, utility, and value of your home. It is also possible to repair, strengthen and improve structural woods through resin repair and reinforcement techniques, which have been developed and mastered by PCA members. The sketch (courtesy of Carson Dunlop Associates, a Toronto educational home inspection company %26) names the main structural components of a typical wooden house placed on a masonry foundation. These systems are highly effective in dealing with a wide range of situations where repairs, reinforcements, stabilization or improvements in the structural strength of stone, concrete and brick structures are required.

We deal with brick and other masonry structures, wooden structures, log houses, modular and factory-built homes, even mobile homes. If you have a door that used to close easily but now gets stuck or doesn't close at all, it's a sign that something has changed in the structure of your house. Like good builders, high-quality construction companies can help you make structural changes while maintaining and even improving the original structural integrity of the house.

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