What is major repair maintenance?

Major maintenance refers to the renovation and repair of building components and systems, as defined in this section. Major maintenance and repairs Costs for major repairs or repairs include the cost of replacing assets or parts of assets and overhaul costs. A primary responsibility of the holder of an AI is to determine airworthiness by inspecting repairs or alterations to determine conformity with approved data and ensure that the aircraft is in safe operating condition. During the inspection of major repairs or major alterations, the holder of an AI must also determine that they are compatible with previous repairs and alterations that have been made to the aircraft.

Very often major repairs are made that are eventually covered with cloth, metal coating or other structure. When this situation exists, the owner of an AI should be clear with the mechanic performing the repair that a pre-deck inspection is necessary. The inspection must ensure that the repair has been carried out in accordance with the acceptable methods, techniques and practices prescribed by FAR 43 and that the structure to be covered is free from defects, corrosion or rotting of the wood, and that it is protected from the elements. In addition, the owner of an AI must inspect other affected areas for hidden damage if the aircraft has been involved in an accident or incident.

An entry in the maintenance record is required and FAA Form 337, Major Repairs and Alterations, must be completed. If the FAA or a prospective purchaser of the aircraft may consider the repair you are performing to be important, find out how to obtain the approved data. Provide the aircraft owner with a maintenance authorization signed by an authorized representative of the repair station and enter the following information. Inspect and approve the return to service of any aircraft or related part or apparatus (except any aircraft maintained under a continuing airworthiness program under Part 121 of this Chapter) after major repair or major alteration thereof in accordance with Part 43 of this Chapter, if the work was carried out in accordance with technical data approved by the Administrator.

Major home repairs may require professional experience most of the time, along with more money on materials and labor. Major alteration means an alteration not listed in the aircraft, aircraft engine, or propeller specifications -. Therefore, it is obvious to see that repairs and alterations make up the bulk of the maintenance that is performed on aircraft every day. The manufacturer may only rebuild or modify the aircraft unless it is also certified as a repair station.

Major home renovations and repairs also require professional experience, such as skills in engineering, electrical work, plumbing, roofing, architecture, HVAC and other industries. Minor repairs are jobs that can sometimes be done around the house with a minimum of basic knowledge and tools that any homeowner is likely to have on hand. Electricians and plumbers are licensed, as are many general contractors, carpenters and other professionals working on home repairs and renovations.

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