What is the most common home repair?

Almost every homeowner can anticipate a garbage disposal repair at some point and it remains one of the most common problems faced by new homeowners. Whether you're already a homeowner or thinking about buying a home, be sure to check out how to replace a garbage disposal so you can save some money. See how to avoid future problems by never throwing these 15 things into your garbage disposal. Thomas Goodman, a UK-based property expert at MyJobQuote (opens in a new tab), says that one of the most common home repairs that should be considered a priority is mold and moisture, as they can have a direct impact on the value of your home if left for an extended period of time, 'As is one of the most common home repairs that should be considered a priority first things you need to repair and watch out for, moisture that is not resolved can make a house unsellable.

Water damage is a fairly common repair in the home, as it can come from something as small as a hole in a pipe, be caused by the poor work of the previous plumber, or be the result of a leaky roof and unusual storms. It's a common repair task for new homeowners who want their home to always look perfect right after buying it. Either way, it's very easy to pick up the phone and call a plumber, electrician or other type of dealer when in reality some of the most common home repairs can be easily remedied. While low-cost preventive measures, such as cleaning gutters or changing storm windows, can help keep common home repair costs low, when pipes break and flood the basement, you may be struggling for thousands of dollars of money you have to shell out right away.

As a new homeowner, I would like to know what are the most common home repairs that I should be aware of and that I need to be prepared for. With this list, we will collect home repair tips for each project, using a format similar to Leaky Faucets, A Common Home Repair.

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